SPF 225: Memento Mori (& Celebrating with Skeletons?)

Momento Mori is a Latin phrase that means, “Remember, you must die.” As a Christian should we be thinking about death? If so, why and does it make us overly morbid? And should I get a skeleton? History says, it might be a good idea. Today I’m discussing all this and more.

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Momento Mori

Use this time of year to reflect on death and live in light of the truth.

  1. The origins and certainty of death

  2. Jesus Christ has come to save us from the penalty of death

  3. Let the certainty of death make us live to God and not ourselves.

  4. For the Christian, death means glorification and heaven, for the unsaved it is eternal misery.

“Thy death is not God’s primal ordinance, but it is a penalty brought upon thee on account of the transgression of thy first parent. Thou wouldst have been immortal if Adam had been immaculate. Sin, thou art the mother of Death! Adam thou hast digged the graves of thy children!

We die because we have sinned. How this should make us hate sin! How we should detest it because the wages of sin is death!”

For the Christian, Take Heart!

“What have I to lose by Death? The tumult of the people and the strife of tongues. A joyous loss indeed! To the believer Death is gain, unalloyed gain. Do we leave our friends by Death? We shall see better friends, and more numerous up yonder, in the general assembly and church of the first-born, whose names are written in heaven. Do we leave our house and comforts?” There is a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” Do we lose our life? Ah no, we gain a better far; for remember that we live to die, we die to live, and then are live to die no more. Without any fraction of loss, death to the believer is a glorious gain. It is greatly wise, then, for a Christian to talk with his last hours, because those last hours are the beginning of his glory. He leaves off to sin and begins to be perfect; he ceases to suffer and begins to be happy; he renounces all his poverty and shamed and begins to be rich and honored.”

For the Uncoverted, Repent!

“But to you who are ungodly and unconverted, Death has only this black side. It is the leaving of all you have, and of all you love. It is an entering upon eternal poverty, everlasting shame, and infinite woe. Oh that ye were wise, ye careless sinners—oh that ye were wise, that ye understood this, and would consider your latter end.”


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