SPF 238: Crippling Doubt After Epic Faith

Have you ever had these epic moments of trusting God in the midst of the impossible or difficult and are completely amazed at His faithfulness and provision and then wake up a few days later only to meet the next trial with crippling doubt. Well you’re not alone. Today I’m sharing some encouraging examples from Scripture and give a few truths to combat that doubt.

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Crippling Doubt After Epic Faith

How many times in our own lives have we had these moments where our faith is rock solid? We are trusting in the Lord anything come our way, and we are ready to believe God’s goodness, his faithfulness. We are cleaning to his promises, and we feel that maturity in our heart. We feel the growth in our souls. And then we get through the trial we see the Lord’s provision were amazed at him. We give thanks we give praise, and then it’s like the next trial that pops up we shrink back.

We are not alone.

It happens to any Christian. When I think about it, there are many faithful godly  people in the Bible, who have experienced the same thing of having faith for one circumstance, and then turning around and having doubt and the other. 

“Failures of faith, often come immediately after victories of faith. David’s refusal to take personal vengeance on Saul was a high watermark of faith, his consulting with himself, and fleeing to Achish was a low point. Notwithstanding the number of times, God had preserved him, David convinced himself that sooner or later Saul would succeed. He thought about negative possibilities, rather than the certain promises of God. We must never let down our guard, and must remember that we are often most susceptible to falling immediately after times of blessing and spiritual victories.” – Joel Beeke Family Worship Bible Guide

Building up our Faith

  1. Be on your guard after victories of faith. Pray, “Lord, give me faith.”

  2. Be on guard against long trials. Pray, “Lord, deliver us from temptation.”

  3. Do not consult your heart without the Scripture and godly counsel.

  4. Don’t stay afraid alone. Share it with a godly person.

  5. Remember how the Lord has preserved you and His promises.

Two Truths About God

  1. God’s Providence

    Jerry Bridges “God’s providence is his constant care for, and his absolute rule over his creation for his own glory, and the good of his people.”

  2. God ways are not our ways

    you never know what God is accomplishing and how God is working beyond our own understanding. 


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Matthew Henry Commentary

Trusting God Even When Life Hurts – Jerry Bridges

Family Worship Bible Guide – Joel Beeke

Family Worship Bible Guide (Hardcover)

By Joel R Beeke, Michael P. V. Barrett, Jerry Bilkes, Paul Smalley


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