SPF 247: Does Obedience Crush the Heart of Our Children?

The word authority often leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths because authority implies submission and submission is frowned upon as servile. These thoughts have been translated into modern day parenting advice discouraging parental authority. Today I’m sharing truth about the parent’s biblical authority to raise up their children in the knowledge of the Lord and the blessings and freedoms it gives them and share a few practical house rule tips.

The Issue with Authority


  • Authority is biblical

  • There are different spheres of authority

  • All authorities are to rule according to the Word of God

  • God is the ultimate authority – He is Creator and rule of all

Laws and Statues

  • Designed to honor God

  • Love others

  • Give us peace, freedom and harmony

  • Where there is lawlessness there is no love


  • Not about behavior, but about the heart

  • Obedience to God’s law is the better way


  • Parental authority is a biblical role to raise up God-fearing God-oriented children

  • Parents are not tyrants

  • Parents do not making up the rules, but look to the Lord and His commands in the Holy Scriptures and teaching them to our children

  • We don’t teach our children obey so we can do our own things or make our lives easy, but to train their hearts to be oriented toward the Lord

  • We need to teach the commands of God, what is right and wrong

  • We get to teach the Gospel when the law is broken

  • Make rules in your house that reflect God’s laws and are clear and taught consistently

  • Learn to ask heart-probing questions to reach to the heart


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