A Simple Tip for Reading the Bible with Little Ones

Sometimes is difficult for a little one to sit down and listen to a whole passage of Scripture, let alone internalize it and apply it to their life! We can do one simple thing for them - give them an overview of what is happening and read a main Scripture verse to help them hear God's Word.

Use the sheprovesfaithful In the Word free reading plan and help your kids know the God of the Bible!

Read the Bible Like a Theologian

What is a theologian?

A theologian is someone who studies God.

Theologians are not limited to seminary students and pastors. Anyone who reads their Bible can be a theologian!

And why make such an effort?

Because the more we know God the more we can glorify Him AND the more our worldview will be shaped around who He is and not how we feel or what culture shouts at us to believe.

We might think we need a professor and a lot of smart books and definitely a new vocabulary to be theologians, but really, you just need your Bible. God has given us the Word of God and it is perfect and complete to equip us for EVERY good work (including knowing God) and gives us wisdom and answers about things concerning the inner man.

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This is a simple tool that gives us three things to do to know God (and become every day, lady theologians):

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Easy Bible Study Tool to Engage with the Scriptures

Sometimes reading the Bible can feel a little dry, or perhaps you are just reading it to check it of your to-do list for the day. But have you ever thought of engaging with the Scriptures? Taking a few extra minutes to interact with the living Word of God? This is where heart-level changes happen, when we come with a humble, expectant heart and start engaging with the Scriptures. 

Looking for a simple way to do this?

Try the ABC Bible Study Method.

This quick Bible study tool will help you meditate on the Scriptures, be prepared to share them with others, and help you apply them to your life.

Watch this short video to learn all about it:

Looking for more resources to help you stay rooted in the Word of God?

Check out the SPFintheWord Bible Reading Plan for 2017 - www.sheprovesfaithful.com/bible