Daily Advent Scriptures

One of the biggest hurdles I have in getting into the Word with my children is not having a plan! Seriously. And why do I complicate it? Looking for the “perfect” scripture for that day?? I get all caught up in decisions of what to read and I never actually get around to reading the Bible with my kiddos.

So I've put together a little advent reading plan for this festive joyous advent season. Walk through the Scriptures each day and discover the promises and prophesies of the coming Savior and His humble and anticipated arrival into this world. Be dazzled by the Light of the World this Christmas.

Daily Advent Scripture Reading

Join me in reading the scriptures with our kiddos, or your spouse, or a friend at work or church every day until Christmas. The passages are about Jesus, the coming Messiah, our Savior. 


  • Read the passage out loud.
  • Ask this question:  What do we learn about Jesus in this passage?
  • Other discussion ideas: define words, ask comprehension questions

December 1      Isaiah 9:2-7
December 2     2 Samuel 7:12-13
December 3     Isaiah 11:1-10
December 4    Jeremiah 33:14-36
December 5    John 1:1-5
December 6   John 1:6-8
December 7   Isaiah 40:1-5
December 8   Luke 1:5-17
December 9   Luke 1:18-26
December 10Luke 1:26-33
December 11   Luke 1:35-38
December 12    Matthew 1:18-25
December 13   Like 1:39-45
December 14   Luke 1:47-56
December 15   Luke 2:1-7
December 16   Luke 2:8-14
December 17   Luke 2:16-21
December 18   Micah 5:2-5
December 19   Matthew 2:1-6
December 20   Matthew 2:7-10
December 21   Matthew 2:11-12
December 22   Isaiah 42:1-6
December 23   1 John 1:1-5
December 24   John 1:9-13
December 25   John 1:14-18